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A research programme in Sustainability Science funded by Linnaeus grant

LUCID, is a Linnaeus programme sponsored by The Swedish Research Council Formas for the period 2008-2018. LUCID is coordinated by the Centre for Sustainability Studies at Lund University (LUCSUS). Linnaeus Grants are awarded to exceptionally strong scholarly environments with the aim of enhancing support for research of the highest quality that can compete internationally. Furthermore, it aims to encourage universities to prioritize certain research fields, to allocate funding to them and promote structural changes in order to support new collaborations across scientific fields.

LUCID research aims to develop novel and unique synergies within and between the natural and social sciences, as well as, for example, engineering, life sciences, business studies and humanities, in order to promote the production of complementary or integrated theoretical approaches and methodologies which can address complex sustainability challenges.

Organisation and partners

LUCID is headed by a Steering Committee comprised of one leading scientist from each of the disciplines/departments engaged in LUCID and two PhD candidates in total (elected by the PhD group). The Steering Committee, in turn, is headed by the LUCID coordinator. From the start, a conscious decision was made to maintain strong and open links to each of the units involved, while simultaneously constituting a new centre with a clear identity. In practice this means that LUCID did not establish itself in new office space separate from its member departments. Instead, LUCID was primarily based at the Geo-Centre  together with four of the participating disciplines (human ecology, human geography, physical geography, sustainability science [though the centre has moved with the sustainability science centre LUCSUS to a temporary centre at Jospehson]), and secondarily at the two remaining participating disciplines and departments (philosophy and political science). The distance to participating disciplines and departments is bridged by the provision of fulltime office space at the Geo-Centre, or Josephson for all LUCID PhD candidates regardless of discipline. LUCID aims to strengthen the co-operation of the these disciplines in research and teaching (particularly at the Master’s level) and to develop and expand global networks of outstanding proponents of sustainability research, not least in order to provide a range of stimulating and challenging career opportunities for both young and senior researchers. Furthermore, LUCID participates actively in national and international sustainability assessments and takes part in a number of international research consortia. Here you can find the LUCID SciencePlan as a pdf

Six disciplines from 4 faculties integrate to form LUCID.

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