Henner Busch – PhD dissertation, October 28

Entangled Cities
Transnational Municipal Climate Networks and Urban Governance

Henner Busch will defend his thesis in Sustainability Science the 28th of October 2017. Faculty opponent: Professor James Evans, School of Environment, Education and Development, Manchester University

When: October 28, 10-12
Where: LUCSUS, Jospehson building, Ostrom, 3rd floor, Biskopsgatan 5

Henner’s thesis investigates the impact of transnational municipal climate networks (TMCN) on urban climate governance in German cities. In order to uncover their impacts on cities, a local perspective has been adopted. The main finding of this thesis is that impacts of TMCN membership unfold in internal climate governance processes within the cities while interactions between cities and networks are less important than previously depicted in research. In case of TMCNs in Germany demonstrates that the analysis of multilevel climate governance must not forget impacts that take place internally within the local level. In conclusion, to improve local climate governance, we should work to integrate the perspectives from the networks and from the local level.

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