PhD course, “Niches in transition arenas: Critical perspectives”

Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies invite you to the PhD course “Niches in transition arenas: Critical perspectives” to be held in Lund Sweden 29-31 August 2016.

The course provides PhD candidates with a critical perspective on niche characteristics in transition arenas and an in-depth investigation of the “socio” part of “socio-technological” systems, in order to capture and analyze persistent problems, especially in the contemporary context of cities of the global South.

For more information about the course click here 


The course is open to PhD candidates in the natural and social sciences. Non-PhD researchers in the field of transition studies are welcome to sit in the lectures.The course will be held in English.

Participation in the course is free of charge. Please note that participants are responsible to make their own travel arrangements and all transportation and accommodation costs should be covered by the PhD student or the affiliated university department. For practical information about your travel arrangement click here

You can register to the course by sending your CV to: , no later than 15 June 2016.

If you wish to cancel your course registration, please do so no later than 5 weeks prior to course start.

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