Gender, intersectionality and sustainability

LUCID research on the theme of gender, intersectionality and sustainability focuses on gender as a construction for organizing human societies and relations. Using intersectionality as an underlying theoretical framework, we explore how gender in combination with other structural categories such as class, ethnicity, age, place etc. come into play in relation to environmental change. Questions seek to understand how these factors influence the differentiation of responsibility, vulnerability and power of individuals and groups, as well as the discourses around, and policymaking on, environmental change.



Recent events

Recent Publications



  • Eduards, Maud och Annica Kronsell (2013) Konflikt och säkerhet i Maud Eduards, Paulina de los Reyes, och Fia Sundevall (red) Internationella relationer. Könskritiska perspektiv, Malmö: Liber.
  • Kaijser, A. and A. Kronsell (2013) Climate Change through the Lens of Intersectionality. Environmental Politics, 2013.
  • Kronsell, A. (2013) Gender and transition in climate governance. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 2013. 7: p. 1-15.
  • Kronsell, A., Bergman Rosamond, A. (2013) Cosmopolitanism, Feminist Ethics and Scandinavian Peacebuilding at International Studies Association Conference, San Francisco, April 3-6, 2013.


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