Scientific Foundations

Research on Scientific Foundations addresses the development of concepts necessary for the various sciences to deal with questions of sustainability. This could take the form of investigation into how different interpretations and uses of these concepts act out a variety of presupposed ideas and values. This task is to be taken on broadly, by deploying a range of different methods, from discourse analysis to conceptual analysis. This theme also tries to break down theoretisations about sustainable development – “how are these ideas presented in academia?” is but one such question – where fields of philosophy of science and epistemology are especially relevant. In trying to find solutions to the tough problems of climate change, and in suggesting ideas about mitigation or adaptation, theoretical awareness and rigor is called for.

Keywords: Axiology, environmental philosophy, scientific integration, knowledge, unity of science, complexity, emergence, scales, categorization, synthesize, frameworks, dimensions, wicked problems, discourses, critical perspectives, problematizing


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